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GEDitCOM II 1.1 has been released.


• AppleScripting Improvements
– A new script called “Create Web Site” will create a complete web site from any file. This script was made possible by some of the AppleScripting features listed below.
– When scripts are run in GEDitCOM II, a new panel appears. The script can optionally post progress information to the panel and report results when the script is done (all provided scripts were revised to use this new feature). Furthermore, if the script has an error, the error message will appear in the panel; previously the error message was writing to the Console app and was easy to miss.
– versionNumber and betaNumber properties of GEDitCOM II application can be checked to verify the running version can run the current script.
– parent families and spouse families of individual records can be read to get list of references to those family records.
– Some new commands (date today, sdn range, date format, and date text) are available for date processing.
– A new display function tells the index window to display any desired records and optionally sort them by an available column.
– A safe html command is useful for formatting text for inclusion in web sites.
– A notify progress command lets a script post the fraction completed in the new GEDitCOM II AppleScript panel.
– A copyFile command can copy a multimedia object file to a new location.
– A life span property for an individual will return life span such as “1834-1898.”
– The event date property will look for a date information subordinate to a structure.
– When creating a new record, you can now specify it’s GEDCOM ID.
– Previously, many commands could only be used in “tell” blocks for certain objects. Now all commands that deal with generic calculations (e.g., date parts and many of the new commands) work with all GEDitCOM II objects.

• User Interaction Improvements

– Detaching Event/Attribute/Link for an individual now also list links to family records so you can detach a person as a child or spouse right from their individual record. Previously you had to open the family record for those detachments.
– The dialog sheet to attach a file has button to attach “New Son” and holding down the option key changes it to “Daughter.” Although the option key worked before, the button always said “New Individual.”
– For each of the record types in the index window (e.g., individual families, sources, etc.), the currently selected records are remembered when you reopen that type. These selected records for each type are also remembered if you save the file and then reopen later.
– Selecting a checked item in the “Add Column” tool bar item menu will now remove that column rather than add a second one of the same type.
– A new id expression can be used in an index window column to display the record’s GEDCOM ID.
– A new span expression can be used in an index window column or in tree tables and charts to display an individual’s life span.
– When customizing the columns of tree tables and charts, you can begin any label with a minus sign (“-“) to show the label in the table mode, but omit the label in the chart mode.
– Divider bar locations in the index window are remembered for the next time you open a file and when you restart GEDitCOM II.
– When you detach a link to notes, a source, a multimedia object, or a research log record that causes that record to n
– longer be linked to any record, the dialog box that appears is more clear and has a cancel option.
– Closing the preferences window while editing a field would not commit that last change. The last edit is now always saved when the window is dismissed.
– When creating new notes, the window now properly opens in front instead of sometimes behind another window (fixed in 1.0, build 5).

• Multimedia
– Some photos taken with new cameras (e.g., the iPhone) have GPS information. Linking such a photo to GEDitCOM II will now read the GPS data and include it as latitude and longitude information stored under the location field.
– Keywords embedded within photo files (as done by some applications besides iPhoto) are now read and put in the keywords field.
– Reading keywords when dragging from iPhoto worked for some drags but not all; it now works for all.

• User Interface Format Improvements
– You can enter latitude and longitude for any “Place” field by clicking the “Details” icon. You can d
– the same for multimedia object’s “Location” field (custom _GPS tag)
– All dates in user interface formats use the user-preferred date style from the GEDitCOM II preferences.
– An individual’s residence (RESI tag) is now displayed in attributes and shows the first line of the address. Click the details button to edit.
– You can enter email address for submitter records (custom _EMAIL tag)
– Attaching new multimedia at first might not get the correct title, but does now.
– Fixed some minor issues in the Default and Pedigree Format displaying notes with source links.

• Bug Fixes
– Fixed relatives search problem for some people with n
– children (fixed in 1.0, build 4)
– Fixed some errors in the “Check Dates” report (treatment of date errors, mislabeled which parent was dead, and some wording) (fixed in 1.0, builds 3 and 5)
– Merging tw
– records could delete notes by mistake, but is now fixed (fixed in 1.0, build 2).
– Deleting all text in a child window, closing that window, and then opening again would appear that the text had not been deleted. It now appears correctly as deleted.
– Fixed editing of album names that could sometimes leave tw
– numbers in parentheses when in Leopard.

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