The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 7.1.1

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2009

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 7.1.1 has been released.


• Media of type “PDF” were getting the wrong media type on import (fixed).
• Installation instructions (readme.html) are now available in German.
• The Branch ID field will no longer accept non-alphanumeric characters.
• The metaphone field in the People table was not being populated on import or after manually editing the individual record (fixed).
• “No Surname” will no longer be shown in the list of 30 most common surnames.
• The Top 100 Surnames page did not allow you to select another number (fixed).
• The left arrow on the descendancy chart did not work if no name was selected when it was first clicked (fixed).
• A few minor problems with the PDF reports were fixed.
• Anonymous visitors who came to the site while it was in maintenance mode sometimes found that they had full edit rights (fixed).
• Place notes will now appear in the Google Maps “bubble” that gets displayed when the pin is clicked (except on the individual page).
• Pedigree thumbnails were not centered vertically within the box (fixed).
• The FAMC tag (parental family ID) was being included twice sometimes in an exported GEDCOM file (fixed).
• An automatic default photo assignment was still being made in some circumstances (fixed).
• At other times, the screen would indicate that a photo had been assigned as the default, even though it wasn’t (fixed).
• The function allowing names of the living to be shown as initials did not work with UTF-8 data (fixed).
• A problem that affected the import of media links from some sources was fixed.
• The column distribution function on the Cemeteries page was not counting initially “invisible” lines (fixed).
• Some systems did not allow new timeline events to be added (fixed).
• The pedigree chart would fail to display if someone on the chart did not have a spouse (fixed).
• The pedigree chart was failing to redisplay after changing languages (fixed).
• Double quotes were causing the Google Maps “bubble” to fail (fixed).
• Clicking a pedigree icon on the Relationship chart would bring up the compact chart, regardless of the indicated preference (fixed).
• HTML linebreaks were being displayed on the RSS page (fixed).
• A few minor style and validation errors were fixed.
• Attempting to add a Place that already existed resulted in an “ugly” database error message (fixed).
• Links on one of the Places pages did not work in UTF-8 (fixed).

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