Some Troops Could Be In Wrong Graves At Arlington

Posted by admin on Jul 19, 2009

To be buried in Arlington National Cemetery is one of the highest honors reserved for America’s fallen troops.

But, reports CBS News correspondent Kimberly Dozier, one former Arlington employee is charging that authorities there are having trouble tracking some of the graves.

Gina Gray, the ex-Arlington worker, told CBS News “Where people are buried is not matching the head stones, because they’re using a paper record-keeping system, despite the fact that they’ve spent millions of dollars trying to automate the system.”

Arlington authorities admitted in a report to Congress last year that, “There are numerous examples of discrepancies that exist between burial maps, the physical location of headstones, and the burial records/grave cards.” But they say they’re “on target to implementing” a new, computerized system to address the problem.

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