Pocket Cemetery: New Application For The iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted by admin on Jul 6, 2009

pocket-cemetery.jpgPocket Cemetery is a new smart phone application that allows you to memorialize departed loved ones on your IPhone and IPod Touch with photos, virtual tombstones and favorite memories. You can create memorials for dead loved ones or anyone you want to memorialize including relatives, friends, pets and celebrities. Now you can visit the graves of your departed loved ones any time.

Main Features:

• Customize Virtual Tombstones: Easily post photos, favorite memories, biographies and cuztomize the look and feel of virtual grave stones.
• Send Virtual Flowers: Place virtual flowers on the graves of loved ones for holidays and birthdays.
• Send Prayers & Messages: Send prayers and messages to departed loved ones.
• Email Memorials To Friends: Easily email your memorials friends and family members.
• Unlimited Lifetime Updates: Receive free lifetime updates as the Pocket Cemetery expands to include online memorials, real flower deliveries, video and music.

Introductory Sale $1.99 in the Apple App Store.

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