MyBlood 1.0 beta 3

Posted by admin on Jul 31, 2009

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MyBlood 1.0 beta 3 has been released.


• Improvement: Starting from Beta 3, the file format used in the first alpha’s isn’t supported anymore <.gja> extension, and you can’t open it anymore.If you have a file with the extension <.gja> you want to use, open it in Beta 2 and save it as a <.mb1> MyBlood file. You can download older versions of MyBlood from the download page.
• Major addition: Multiple Documents open at the same time. – MyBlood and version in Title (Windows) – Window Menu added to switch between Windows. – Added Window translation – 2 times or more the same document open at the same time is allowed
• Bug fix: At startup the menu bar wasn’t always translated immediately.
• Added: Home button, to go to the Home Person, or to set the Home Person for that file.
• Major addition: Adjust the font size (bigger or smaller) throughout the application. Specify the settings Buttons, Headers and Text in thePreferences.
• Added: Directly open the MyBlood file by double-clicking the file in Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac)
• Improvement: MacType and MacCreator adjusted for file types

Tasks Window
• Bug fix: Task Floating Window wasn’t updated when the language was changed
• Added: Window can stay open and contents will be updated in function of the frontmost window.
• Added: NEW Tasks window: Due date and status indications are added to better manage the Tasks.
• Bug fix: Indexing bug on Date
Create Web Pages

• Improvement: The Web Site settings are now document specific and the settings for title, media, privacy, down-sizing of media, chronology and timelines are remembered in the MyBlood file.
• Improvement: The Home Person will be used as Home Card. It there is no Home Person, the currently selected Person will be the Home Card.
Link Existing People Window
• Bug fix: In the details of a selected person (to link to), the terms Son of… Brother of… where not translated.
Delete Person

• Improvement: The window is now also resizeable.

• Improvement: Added a Text size part to set the text size for Buttons, Headers and Text throughout the application. View icon is modified to reflect the extra feature.
• Improvement: Changed the scale % menu to reflex the same content as in the Image Window. Manual setting of a % between 1 and 1000% is allowed.
• Bug fix: Translation of TimeMaps events could be incorrect.

• Improvement: Added an internet check and a Messagebox popup if there is no internet connection to get GoogleMap data.
• Improvement: Another selection of the category will now also trigger a window refresh. Import Timeline Window
• Improvement: Window is now also resizeable, allowing you to see more of the field contents you are about to import.

• Added: Statistics: replaced the text preview and .rtf text output with a bitmap preview conform the other reports, and .pdf output.
• Added: Icons to Fit Page, Zoom to width, 1:1 (100%) views
• Added: Page numbering on multi-page reports
• Added: Drag and move the report.
• Added: PDF export for all reports (Person Sheet, Family Sheet, Statistics, Ancestors Chart, Descendants Charts).
• Improvement: Images are always shown when available. Option to show or hide images is removed.
• Improvement: All pages are always shown. Arrows to go to previous or next page are therefore removed.
• Improvement: Save Reports window adjusted to only display the platform specific items.
• Add PDF as export option.
• Added: Added page numbering to Statistics.
• Added: Added translation for Gender (M or F)
• Improvement: Dramatic speed optimalisation for moving, scrolling or dragging reports or charts
Image Window

• Added: Icons to Fit Page, Zoom to width, 1:1 (100%) views
• Added: Drag and move the image.
• Improvement: Typing of a % scale, is not applied until you press enter.
• Bug fix: Scroll bars where not updated correctly when changing scale size.

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