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Posted by admin on Jul 12, 2009

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• FamilySearch – Added new field to handle the new FamilySearch individual number. This is now imported and exported and displayed.
• GEDCOM Export – Added a new option on the Items to Include in GEDCOM screen (click Customize from the GEDCOM Export screen): Don’t convert British Quarter dates to a date range. If a user wants to keep the quarter dates in the GEDCOM, he/she has to select this option each time an export is done (the setting is not saved).
• GEDCOM Import – Legacy now prompts the user when unrecognized media paths are encountered, letting the user specify where the files are really located.
• SourceWriter: new templates for Voter Rolls


• Reports – The user can now include the date in either the Compiler information OR the Credit information at the bottom of each page. Previously the date was only available with the Credit information.
• Timelines – “Confederate States of America”
• Timelines – “US States and Territories – Dates of Organization and Admission”.


• Reports – Marriage addresses for suppressed living couples were being printed.
• Book Reports – RTF, HTML, and ASCII formats were not including “The children from this marriage were:”
• Chronology View – Fixed some garbled text that was showing for event notes.
• Descendant Narrative Report – Children of males marked as Invisible were being included on the report.
• FGS and Individual batch reports – report generation would stop if any Invisible starting people were found.
• FGS Web Pages – Invisible people were showing their names in some titles.
• GEDCOM Import – Added some new FTM GEDCOM tags to the import.
• Individual Web Pages – Generation of pages would stop if an Invisible person was found.
• LDS Ordinance Screen – Switching Confirmation location from temple to place was blanking the Baptism field.
• Multimedia Search – Some missing multimedia files were not being found successfully when doing a full-computer search.
• Pedigree Web Pages – Marriage information for Invisible people was showing.
• Potential Problems – Some bad dates were not being reported.
• Publishing Center – The Calendar List Report selection was changed to Calendar Report because it refers to the Calendar Creator report, not the Calendar List Report.
• Report Privacy – Marriage addresses for Invisible people were showing.
• Report/Book Indexes – Now combine mixed-case index entries into matching groups.
• Sources – Citation pointing to a master source that is marked to be excluded from reports was leaving a blank spot in the source list.
• Web Pages – Individual style web pages weren’t being generated if anyone was marked as Invisible.

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