Posted by admin on Jun 24, 2009

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RootsMagic has been released.


• Added an option to select the default starting side-list page (or use previous side-list page) in Tools > File options.
• The Scrapbook report now has an editable title.
• The NFS Match screen and Sync screen have been combined into a single tabbed screen.
• Renamed “Tools > Database options” to “Tools > File options”.


• Primary facts now works properly in reports, screens, etc.
• Fixed ‘List index out of bounds (-1)’ error when creating a Fact List.
• Fact type “exists” now works properly in search criteria.
• Name doesn’t disappear from edit screen list after the name is edited.
• Fixed “Allow close matches” in NameFind in RM Explorer.
• Fixed “Sounds like” search for name fields in RM Explorer.
• LDS template will now save ordinance statuses if no date or temple was entered.
• Deleting the birth or death for a person removes the year from the Explorer list.
• Citation memorize / paste now includes any images attached to the citation.
• :Age modifier works in sample sentence and customize sentence in edit screen now.
• Alternate name date is now exported to GEDCOM.
• Alternate name privacy setting is now exported to GEDCOM.
• Fixed a few issues with some source templates.
• RM remembers size of Edit Media window.
• When importing an older RM (v1-3) file, RM4 defaults new filename to same name (except with .rmgc extension).
• Fixed some issues when importing some older Family Origins files.
• Merging preserves the notes of the person being merged in.
• Fixed the random freezing in various New FamilySearch screens.
• Fixed error 400 problem when combining records in NFS.

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