Irish Ancestry Online: Every Census Since 1926 Now on Internet

Posted by admin on Jun 19, 2009

The Central Statistics Office has published all the data it has collected from every census since 1926 online for public access, free of charge.

Each year’s census gives a statistical breakdown of the development of the country, from just after the formation of the Free State to the start of the 90s and pre-Celtic Tiger Ireland.

Aligned with all post-1991 records online, there are now 83 years of information one Website visit away at the Central Statistics Office at this URL.

For sociologists, genealogists or any member of the 70 million-strong Irish Diaspora around the world, this development could provide a huge amount of valuable information about the development of Ireland and its people.

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Looking for great aunt who became a nun and disappeared from the records as far as we can see.

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