Genmod 1.7

Posted by admin on Jun 3, 2009

Full Featured – Linux – Freeware/Open Source

Genmod 1.7 has been released.


• Support for shared/general notes. One same note can be attached to individuals, families, sources, media and repositories, and to their facts and events. All editing functions are extended for this feature, as well as the record merge facility.
• An option is added for editing, to paste the last selected or entered link to another record type. This is extremely useful when a source link must be added to multiple facts and/or record types.
• On the edit pages, a link is added to display the next free ID’s. This is handy if the user wants to give uploaded files the same name as their ID will be.
• Reordering children in a family, by birthdate, also considers christening/baptism dates
• An option is added on the edit pages to directly accept this particular change.
• The Sanity check also checks for child order in families and invalid note links.
• General search can also search in notes, media and repositories. This means that the search now actually covers all available data.
• Support is added for BURI Y and CREM Y.
• After editing persons facts, Genmod will return to the individuals tab it was on before edit.
• Genmod will check on existence of linked ID’s entered during edit.
• The RSS-block, or rather what the RSS-feed will show, can be configured now.
• A block is added to show the Top-10 pageviews by bots.
• The delimiting characters to show a persons nickname -Jonathan (John) Doe- can be set in the configuration.
• The recent changes block also shows changes for sources and repositories.
• The statistics page is back in Genmod with new options (thanks Thomas Lerman)
• To support a consistent use of place names, Dutch counties, municipals and places are added.
• Although not all work has been done, many of the reports are improved and even some added. With thanks to Thomas Lerman for his contributions (on this and other features).
• The ThisPerson, ThisFamily, etc. menu options only show relevant reports
• All detail pages have the same layout, consisting of one tab for their facts and events, and other tabs for their links to other record types.
• Search results for general search are also shown in different tabs for each record type.
• The IsDead status, often depending on dates of other individuals, will also be recalculated if the data of one of those individuals is changed.
• The performance of the sourcelist page, with link privacy enabled, has dramatically improved.
• The same applies to the family list.
• The performance of the soundex search has dramatically improved also.
• All language settings and many of the configuration settings have moved from file to the database.
• Genmod now supports the HTTP status 304 IF MODIFIED SINCE, which reduces bot traffic.
• Genmod can be run from other ports than 80.
• Added the query execution time to the page performance statistics.
• Improved support for various database installations on various platforms
• About 100 bugs are fixed, and some undoubtedly introduced.

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