GeneaNet: Your New Personal Inbox

Posted by admin on Jun 2, 2009

The new and free GeneaNet online Messages feature lets you communicate privately with other members.

Your personal inbox is a great way to connect with other members who have ancestors in common with you and share discoveries.

Send a message

Simply click on the “Send a Message” link in the member Contact Page or click on the “Inbox” link in the “All Relatives” menu bar.

Read and reply to messages

The first thing you want to do when you receive a message from another GeneaNet member is to read and reply to the message. Just click on the message in your Inbox to view the full message.

When viewing a message you can reply, archive or delete it. You can also mark your messages ‘read’ or ‘unread’.

GeneaNet will empty messages from your Bin automatically after 15 days, or you can permanently delete messages yourself.

Disable your GeneaNet Inbox

If you don’t wish to use your GeneaNet Inbox, just change your settings by clicking on “Change Preferences > Privacy Settings”.

Then, simply set the “Enable my GeneaNet Inbox” to “No”.

You can re-enable your GeneaNet Inbox at any time without losing messages.

[ Your GeneaNet Inbox ]

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