Posted by admin on Jun 3, 2009

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• The position of person indexes output directly could be wrong if the horizontal or vertical box distances exceeded considerably the measures of the Free Text Objects with column/row numbers lying on the outside. In such cases the person index could overlap the Free Text Objects. The bug has been corrected.
• At the output of sources in person boxes the headers were output in English even if another output language was selected. The bug has been corrected.
• The content of the data field Title can now be output in front of the names. The adjustment is performed in the Treeview Options dialog, Box Content tab, Output Personal Data list.
• With the new option Occupation date should be read from “1 OCCU/2 DATE” tags you can turn on and off the import of occupation dates. The adjustment is performed in the GEDCOM Options dialog, Import Options tab, Handling of Special Gedcom Tags and Data list.
• At the GEDCOM import of Swiss Civil Rights Municipalities using the method User-defined Attribute now the content of a perhaps present 2 PLAC tag will be added to the content of the 1 EVEN tag. No adjustment required.
• At the GEDCOM import of SOUR records now NOTE tags are read as Comments and added to the Sources data field.
• While loading and saving Gedcom options files and Treeview options files the used directories are saved now. These directories are used for the next function call.
• The automatic search für program updates is turned off at the first installation. The user will be asked in a nonrecurring message dialog, whether this feature should be activated. Furthermore the adjustment in the Program Options remains possible.
• The licensing was extended by a method with serial numbers for a retail box version.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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