Second Site 3.0 build 4

Posted by admin on May 15, 2009

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Second Site 3.0 build 4 has been released.


• Added support for a ThemeGallery folder in the User Data Folder; see the Themes page for details.
• Added three Page Scripts: No Header is a Header Script that suppresses the header content ; Extra at Top is a Content Script that places the Extra Content at the top rather than its usual place at the bottom of the page content ; Surname Index with Extra at Top is a variation of the script above that can be used on the Surname Index.
• Added support for the EthnoAncestry 27-marker Y-DNA test.
• Added the File > Preferences > Unregister… command for beta testing and to allow customers to re-register using updated credentials.


• Fixed an error where the Slideshow User Item was including hidden files in the HTML for the set of pictures.
• Fixed a bug in the Family History Hosting > Publish command where attempting to upload to the main site would cause a folder not found error.
• Fixed a bug where the Open Editor button in the toolbar did not work.
• Replaced the CheckComp.exe program with a version that works with Second Site 3.
• Fixed a bug in the DNA Overlay Chart where the Show Kit Numbers Only property was visible; the functionality associated with that property was removed during beta testing.
• Removed the Add > Links > Main Page command; the command was no longer appropriate in Second Site 3 where the Main Page is a Custom Page, not a Link.

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