Second Site 3

Posted by admin on May 5, 2009

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Second Site 3 has been released.


Enhancements to the Main Page make it easy to add Pictures, Calendars, Maps, links to specific people, and other content to the Main Page.
• There are new DNA features which make Second Site a great choice for presenting DNA evidence.
• There’s a new Slideshow feature for showing a sequence of images.
• The People Section has been re-implemented to make it easier to manage who is included in the site and what details are shown for living people. One of the features in the new People Section is the ability to show more details for excluded deceased people than for excluded living people. You can also control whether or not the primary image appears for living people who are included on the site. When Second Site 3 reads an SDF file written by Second Site 2, it converts the old settings to the new settings. Due to some inconsistencies in how Second Site 2 interpreted its filters (Show Excluded Parents, etc.), and some new options in Second Site 3, you should review the People Section properties to make sure they are set properly for you.
• Second Site now includes an HTML Editor so you can key content in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get window.
• For Family History Hosting customers, Second Site now includes a Publish command to upload your site in one step.
• Multiple charts can now be placed on a single page, and charts can be mixed with other content. See the Content Items and Page Items article on this page for more details.
• A new Search by Name facility is available for entering TMG IDs by selecting a person’s name from a list; click the icon next to the properties that accept TMG IDs to open the “Search by Name” window.
• The new Family Section Note feature is similar to the NarrativeChildren event in TMG’s Journal report.
• You can use a special shortcut to make the Custom Pages for a site and skip making the person pages, etc. User who create sites with many Custom Pages will appreciate the ability to quickly make a site with only those pages so they can review the recent changes. See the Make Site command for details.

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