Kith and Kin Pro 3

Posted by admin on May 15, 2009

Full Featured – Windows – Shareware

Kith and Kin Pro 3 has been released.


• Added Adobe PDF file export for all reports.
• Added Soundex and Metaphone searches. This allows users to search for similar sounding surnames.
• Added Soundex and Metaphone code calculator.
• Families can be arranged into selectable “Layers”. This allows the user to “grey out” all families except the ones he wants to work on.
• Simplified the Search Window. As well as the V2 SQL queries, users will be able to carry out much simpler searches.
• Function to save SQL queries to file added.
• Several different picture records can link to the same image file.
• Pictures can be arranged into an order defined by the user.
• Pictures can be added to source references and source documents.
• Drag and drop pictures from Windows added.
• Option to exclude picture files from database copying.
• Web page export uses a CSS stylesheet. This makes the Web pages much easier to customise.
• Supplied with several pre-defined stylesheets.
• Living people can be excluded from Web page export.
• Multiple timelines are now possible and timeline management is handled within Kith and Kin Pro.
• Fields “Email” and “Web site” added to the source repositories table.
• The person/family data form picklist popup entries are saved between sessions.
• Importing a GEDCOM file from a different program now produces an acceptable tree on the screen.
• Option to add the same single source reference to every person/family imported from a GEDCOM file.
• The notes editor window can now be used for all multi-line database fields.
• Click the middle mouse button in the Tree Area to return to 100% zoom centered on the mouse.
• Option to automaticaly re-use P and F codes.
• Option to reopen databases at the last viewed position.
• Added a function to create a “clean” new database – ie. one without the current user-defined fields.
• Column widths in person and family selection forms are preserved between sessions.
• Options to include full names and marriage dates in the family rectangles.
• New status bar shows zoom %, current layer and current family selection.
• The “Tree Layout” report now adjusts the font size to fit the scaling.
• The program shut-down has been speeded up.
• The unsupported Borland Database Engine has been replaced with a new engine.

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