Italian town to have graveyard Web cam

Posted by admin on May 4, 2009

The Italian town of Pollica will soon offer Web cam services that enable people worldwide to check on the graves of their loved ones, Mayor Angelo Vassallo said.

Vassallo said because of numerous requests from tourists to be buried in the southern Italian town, the decision was made to sell tombs equipped with video and audio equipment, the Italian news agency, ANSA, reported last Thursday.

The mayor said the technology will include a camera that pans the town’s graveyard while offering glimpses into the area’s scenery.

“We’ve decided to sell 150 tombs and, what’s more, give them the long-distance technology needed for distant relatives to commune with their dear departed,” the mayor said. ”A Web cam will be operational ’round the clock and there’ll also be a new sound system to give them a feel of the meditative atmosphere.”


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