Hundreds of Records from Mendon, Utah, Going Online

Posted by admin on May 7, 2009

Schoolchildren and teachers from the Mendon, Utah, area gather for a photograph taken in about 1895. This is one document Mendon resident Richard Watkins has collected over the past several years. This and other photographs, text documents and records areHundreds of records from Mendon city will begin to be digitized later this month, a process that will allow anyone with an Internet connection to see historic documents from one of Cache Valley’s oldest communities.

The project comes at an opportune time for those in Mendon celebrating the city’s 150th anniversary. It is made possible through a $1,500 grant from the Utah State Archives/Historical Records Advisory Board. The money is meant to go toward gathering, organizing and preparing for public access a wide range of historical documents from early settlement days through the 1980s.

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