A Wonder of Relationship

Posted by admin on May 7, 2009

The following remarkable genealogical curiosity appeared originally in Hood’s Magazine, and is a singular piece of reasoning to prove that a man may be his own grandfather.

There was a widow [Anne] and her daughter [Jane], and a man [George] and his son [Henry]. The widow married the son, and the daughter married the father. The widow was therefore mother [in law] to her husband’s father, and grand-mother to her own husband.

By this husband she had a son [David], to whom she was also great-grandmother. Now, the son of a great-grandmother must be grand-father or grand-uncle to the person to whom his motherwas great-grandmother ; but Anne was great-grandmother to him [David], therefore David is his own grandfather.

The accompanying diagram will enable the reader to follow this more easily.

From The World of Wonders, 1873

Read The World of Wonders online at Internet Archive

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