Geophoto 2.4

Posted by admin on Apr 30, 2009

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Geophoto 2.4 has been released.


• Added support for copying and pasting coordinates.
• Geophoto is now more liberal when parsing typed or pasted coordinates: it will accept coordinates in DM (decimal minutes) format, and a leading +/- sign instead of a trailing cardinal direction marker (N/S or E/W).
• Faster geotagging (in particular, faster batch geotagging) of non-JPEG formats like TIFF and most TIFF-based RAW image formats, thanks to a new version of the exiv2 library.
• Fixed a long-standing issue with some TIFF-based raw image formats, like Nikon .nef, where the slide show would display a pixelated, low-resolution thumbnail, rather than the original image in its fully glory.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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