GeneaNet: Quick Tips #1

Posted by admin on Apr 3, 2009

We will answer your frequent asked questions in some articles called “GeneaNet Quick Tips”.

This week, you will find some tips on how to change your email address, how to modifiy your email alerts, and how to export your online family tree.

How to change your email address?

Your email address is needed to receive the GeneaNet newsletters and email alerts.

Go to the page “My GeneaNet : Account : Profile : Contact Details” to change your email address.

Enter your new email address in the “Email Address” field, then click “OK”.

How to modify your email alerts?

You can subscribe for free to many GeneaNet email alerts: name/place, cross-database search, postcards, family pictures and birthday reminder.

Go to the page “My GeneaNet : Email Alert“, then select the alert you want to modify.

You can view the latest entries for each of your alerts, and modify/delete your alerts. Remember that you must make a search in the GeneaNet database then to click “Subscribe to the Newsletter” at the bottom of the search results list to create a new email alert.

How to export your online family tree?

No need to say that data backup is very important!

Go to the page “My GeneaNet : Online Family Tree : Save” to export your online family tree.

You can export your family tree in GEDCOM ASCII, GEDCOM UTF-8 or GeneWeb file format. You can export only a branch (line) of your family tree. Your uploaded pictures can be exported in a ZIP file.

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