Posted by admin on Mar 2, 2009

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• While creating a new treeview, under certain conditions a Range check error could occur. The conditions depended on the position of the mouse pointer inside the treeview. The confirmation of the error message using the mouse could force the same error again, leading to an endless loop. The bug has been corrected.
• The adjustment of the Main directory for image files has been moved from the Treeview Options dialog to the Program Options dialog, new Directories tab.
• Saving of file and directory names in different files of the FamilyTreeFactory is no longer performed with absolute paths, but now with relative paths. Together with moving the adjustment of the main directory for image files from the Treeview Options to the Program Options, now moving files to another location or synchronizing two computers is very easy. Details can be found in the appendix of the manual in the section The FamilyTreeFactory Files.

• The Personal Data dialog now includes the new Documents tab. References to document files of any type can be saved. For each document file a free title can be entered and a GEDCOM type can be selected. The document file names and titles can be output on file cards. While exporting or importing Gedcom files, the document file names are transferred in OBJE tags including the titles and the GEDCOM types.
• The new Main directory for document files has to be selected in the Program Options dialog at the new Directories tab. The program creates the directory My documentsFamilyTreeFactoryDocument files automatically.
• At the export of a card index to PDF file, document files can be attached and linked with file cards of persons (not under Windows 98 and ME). This makes possible the creation of comprehensive archive PDF files.
• The new section Creating Archive PDF Files describes the creation of archive PDF files.
• At the Personal Data dialog, Photos and Documents tabs, now you can open the files in the standard application by double-clicking their name. It is prerequisite that a standard application was assigned to the respective file type under Windows.
• For more easy adjusting of a user-defined zoom now you can double-click on the display of the current zoom to open the input dialog.
• The program has been prepared for the new operating system Windows 7.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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