Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.5.1

Posted by admin on Mar 27, 2009

Timeline – Mac – Purchase

Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.5.1 has been released.


• New: Select which monitor the 3D Mode uses for display in Preference pane.
• Improved: Up to 10x performance increase for automatic layout.
• Improved: “Things” importer has option for excluding completed To Do items.
• Improved: Tall timelines (stacked events, many rows) are more efficient in width.
• Improved: Shift-arrow and control-arrow combinations now work as expected.
• Fixed: “Things” importer works with databases stored in non-standard locations.
• Fixed: Sometimes arrow keys didn’t traverse in the proper order.
• Fixed: Height of complex timelines were sometimes too tall.
• Fixed: Subversion (SVN) compatibility for timeline documents improved.
• Fixed: Change default export from Pixlet to Photo-JPG for wider compatibility.
• Fixed: Exporting 3D timelines that use image backgrounds would sometimes show a white flickering line on the back edge of the chart.

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