Reunion 9.08

Posted by admin on Feb 19, 2009

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Reunion 9.08 has been released.


• New Feature: Added support for the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Reunion.
• Register Report – fixed 2 problems with the privacy filter.
• Fixed a rare crash when exporting Temple Ready files.
• Improved date sorting in lists and reports.
• Better support for RTF index codes in NeoOffice.
• Fixed problem with the Find Citation Detail function.
• Fixed a problem when importing family files containing new source types and new source fields.
• Improved the “Leister Home” web style to support longer names.
• Fixed a problem with Google Analytics.
• Fixed a rare problem with saving sources in facts fields.
• Marked Sets would not work for family files containing more than 262K people.
• Fixed a rare crash that would happen when opening saved found lists.
• Fixed a rare problem with duplicate files on Web Media pages.
• Fixed a problem with Web Media pages reporting links to missing media files.
• Updated the LDS Temples file.
• Updated the US Presidents perspective events.

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