PhpGedView 4.2

Posted by admin on Feb 1, 2009

Web Publishing – Windows, Mac, Linux – Freeware/Open Source

PhpGedView 4.2 has been released.


• Improvements to the external database structure, and a redesign of the internal data structures, for performance, flexibility and ease of maintenance.
• More options for statistics and charting.
• Improved multimedia handling.
• Support for three new languages: Slovenian, Romanian and Indonesian.
• Improved soundex searching for non-English languages.
And much more.

Note that PGV4.2 now requires PHP5.2.0 or later in order to run. Please ensure your server has a suitable version of PHP before upgrading. If you don’t know your version, you can find it out from the phpinfo link on PGV’s admin page.

Many web-host companies offer both PHP4 and PHP5, and you may need to ask them to make the switch for you, or you may be able to do this from a control panel, or you may need to a .htaccess or other configuration file.

For anyone who is unable use PHP5, we have patched all the critical changes into 4.1.6, to create 4.1.7.

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