Personal Ancestry Writer II 83

Posted by admin on Feb 1, 2009

Full Featured – Mac – Freeware

Personal Ancestry Writer II 83 has been released.


• Unmarried couples no longer cause an entry in the problem list for “People remarried before previous spouse died or was divorced.
• Improved the fix for a rare note problem.
• When the user exports a GEDCOM using ANSEL or UTF-8 (and that GEDCOM is not to be submitted for TempleReady), PAWriter will ask the user whether to “Exclude Events and Notes for Living People?” If the user clicks “Yes”, then for any person whose Died popup is set to Living, PAWriter will not include in the GEDCOM birth, baptism and marriage dates and places nor any notes for that person.
• Suppressed marriage number if only one marriage in all reports.
• Added a preference check box to exclude a partner’s other partner(s) and their children from all reports. For example, stepchildren and their parents’ marriage will not be included when a report is written if this box is checked.
• Displayed OS X draft windows in Arial font (the Geneva font doesn’t display boldfaced text in OS X).
• Animated the OS X watch cursor (visible when opening notes windows and draft windows).

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