MyBlood 1.0 alpha 3

Posted by admin on Feb 2, 2009

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MyBlood 1.0 alpha 3 has been released.


• New File format: Improvement: In the previous versions of MyBlood the file format and the database where separate items. The MyBlood file “.gja” was an export to a file from the database. So each time you opened a file, the contents was read and put into the database. If that was a big file, it could take some time. In the same way, when you saved a file, the database was exported. In alpha 3, the file is the database. Once the file exists, you only connect to the database file which is almost instantly regardless of the database size. The database file is created next to the old “.gja” file and has the extension “.mb1” (from MyBlood1). Saving a file now is also instantly.
• Save As: The Save As function didn’t us to copy the contents of the Media Files to the new location. Now it does.
• About: The About Window now also displays if QuickTime is installed or not. Click on QuickTime to go the download site.
• Open GEDCOM: Bug fix: Translation of “Number of People and Families”
• Open GEDCOM: Added check box “Show Report”. This will show an import report of the opened GEDCOM file after import.

• Open GEDCOM: Improvement:GEDCOM files bigger than 35-40MB can now be opened in MyBlood. The limitation is now the memory or disk limitation of your PC or MAC.
• Open GEDCOM: Added import report. Report can be saved as a text file.
• Open GEDCOM: Added ANSEL Import to the encodings. (ANSEL is last/bottom one in the list). ANSEL import will be a bit slower than the other encodings because here every character has to be compared, and if needed characters have to be combined. Once imported, it is all UTF-8.
• Open GEDCOM: Improvement: Items that are ignored or not supported at GEDCOM import
• Open Recent File: Added Open Recent is added to the File Menu. This allows you to select out of the last 10 opened file. (Also see Preferences for Open Options)
• Edit Menu: Bug fix: Edit > Person… , Edit > Marriage… and Delete > Person… were not disabled when there was no MyBlood file open.
• Preferences: “Open Options” is added. This allows you to automatically open the last opened file at startup (or not). This is the default setting, as most people work on their family tree and not on multiple family trees at once.
• Preferences: The “Web” TAB is renamed to “Export”. Export has impact on Creation of Web Pages and on exporting a GEDCOM file. The privacy settings have an effect on both. The Web settings have only impact on the Web export items.
• Preferences: Added “Check for Updates” functionality. You can MyBlood to check for updates; every Day, Week, Month
• Media: Several media-types are now also accepted. You can find the overview of accepted media below. (bold is added). It is recommended to have QuickTime installed.
• Media: Type is added to Media. Now you can add some kind of TAG to the Media to provide it extra context. The provide TAGs are: General, Holiday, Source Picture (for items like scanned documents), Family Gathering (family group pictures…). Remark: The TAGs are also used for TimeMaps and can be set in the Preferences.
• Media: Faster filtering of Media on Current Person and not linked Media.
• Media: Bug fix: Word Comment wasn’t translated.
• Media: Improvement: Private setting is now visible with an icon in the Media List.
• Media: Bug fix: You can’t open the Calendar window anymore then selected Media is “MEDIA”
• Places: Bug fix: “Clear Coordinates” in Places now also has a translation.
• Places: Added: You can now Abort the “Get Coordinates” window to stop getting Latitude and Longitude.
• Places: Bug fix: No additional (incorrect) names are created anymore.
• Timelines: Improvement: Historical Events has been renamed to the more general accepted term “Timelines”. Changed in menu’s, Find, Chronology, Web pages, Timelines import and export…
• Timelines: Bug fix: You can no longer delete a Timeline Event when there is no event selected.
• Timelines: Bug fix: No additional (incorrect) names are created anymore.
• Timelines: Improvement: The focus stays in the Filter field when typing in the field.
• Timelines: Bug fix: Added URL to a Timeline Event could not be deleted.
• Create Web Pages: Added: Encoding for created web pages is added. Alpha 2.1 set the character set to UTF8, but not all the Browsers support this. You can still select UTF-8 if you want to, or you can select a language specific encoding like WIN-1250…
• Create Web Pages: Bug fix: The UTF-8 is now set to “utf-8” in the XHTML pages.
• TimeMaps: Added: the intended functionality of TimeMaps.
• TimeMaps: Bug fix: Speed improvement through new implementation
• TimeMaps: Bug fix: Generation select and TAG-Mapping selection remembered
• TimeMaps: Improvement: Background image adjusted when there is No File open or No Latitude and Longitude available
• TimeMaps: Added: If NO TAGs are selected to be Mapped in the Preferences. A Warning Triangle will be shown next to the Preferences Icon in TimeMaps.
• Database: Added: There is a Database window in the Edit Window. The only feature that is currently in this window is to cleanup/ remove unused Places from the Places list. This was previously done automatically, but can be time-consuming on big files. This is now available thorough Edit> Database…
• Database: Added: Translation added for menu and Window
• Application: Added: The Application can now also be close with the “X” close button in the Main Window.
• Application: Improvement: The Views are now only refreshed when needed. With big files, this makes it at lot easier to use the different views. Switching MyBlood from background to foreground and back will not trigger a refresh anymore.
• Application: Added: When a file is close, you automatically return to the People View.
• Backup: Improvement: The backup process is now a separate thread, making the UI refresh and progress bar more responsive.
• Edit Person: Bug fix: Added Media to a Person Event didn’t display the media in the media list.
• Edit Person: Bug fix: Added Witnesses to a Person Event didn’t display the Witnesses in the Witness list.
• Edit Person: Improvement: The Media Window for adding Media to an Event is improved. The Media is now shown with preview like in the Media View. You can now add already imported images to an Event. Private setting is now visible in the Media List.
• Check for Updates: Added: Check for updates.
• Check for Updates: There is a menu item added in the Help Menu to go to the Updates Window
• Check for Updates: The Updates Window will automatically try to connect to the internet, and tell you if: There was a connect made; If your application is Up-to-Date or not; Display the version of the more recent version; Enable the Download Button to bring you to the download page for the Download of the newer version.
• Check for Updates: You can automatically ask MyBlood to check for an update in the Preferences Window.
• Reports: Added: You can now zoom in most reports. Range is 12.5% to 200%.
• Reports: Added: You can decide to show Images in Reports and Charts, or not. Default is to show images.

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