Some U.S. Genealogy Marketing Information

Posted by admin on Jan 28, 2009

Some interesting U.S. genealogy marketing information from the Family Tree Magazine’s 2009 Media Kit (PDF):

The Genealogy Market

• 78% of Americans say they are interested in learning more about their family history.
• Half of American families have ever researched their roots.
• Genealogy isn’t just for older Americans: 83% of 18- to 34-year-olds are interested in learning their family history, followed by 77 percent of 35- to 54-year-olds and at 73% of Americans over age 55.
• 500,000 active genealogists belong to more than 500 Federation of Genealogical Societies member groups.
• 651,500 people have taken a genetic genealogy test.
• 9.1 million US Web visitors use genealogy Web sites each month.
• 35 million Americans are interested in online genealogy research.
• 1,900 people visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City every day.
• 1 million+ people visit the National Archives annually.

The Family Tree Magazine Audience

• 60% consider themselves intermediate genealogists; 24 % are beginners.
• Magazine readers have been researching for an average of 13 years, and spend an average of 6 hours and 10 minutes each week on genealogy activities.
• 90% use the Internet more frequently than any other research tool or method.
• On average, they do 45% of their genealogy research online.
• 74% spend $200+ per year on genealogy.
• 60% feel that prices charged for genealogy products and services are fair.
• 54% attended a genealogy class, meeting or conference.
• 48% participated in a genealogical or historical society.
• 47% purchased archival preservation materials.

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