PhpGedView 4.1.7

Posted by admin on Feb 1, 2009

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PhpGedView 4.1.7 has been released.


• Ahnentafel report crashes.
• Ahnentafel report crashes.
• v4.1.6 not compatible with php 4?.
• Various lightbox/multimedia issues.
• Unable to update with GDBI.
• Client.php 4498 inconsistency.
• Error in item called by client.php.
• GDBI fails with 4.1.6.
• 4.1.6 Timeline Chart error.
• 4.1.6 class event error displaying indi.
• Find Individual ID.
• Unable to add new folder in Manage Media.
• Wrong thumbnail path using Media Firewall.

From release 4.2, PhpGedView requires PHP5 in order to run.

This release exists to maintain compatibility with PHP4 for anyone who cannot upgrade their web server. It will not be maintained, other than for major security problems and PHP4 compatibility issues.

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