MyBlood 1.0 alpha 2.1

Posted by admin on Jan 5, 2009

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MyBlood 1.0 alpha 2.1 has been released.


• Open GEDCOM File – Bug fix: Images attached to the Individual (INDI) now get the Ids attached to the Media, so you can see the Media of a Person when going to the Media TAB. The attached media is also set as the Main Picture for the Person.
• Web Pages (Web Export) – Bug fix: The character set in the html pages is now set to UTF8. This should be ok for all possible languages. The content that MyBlood puts in the pages is also UTF8 (if correctly converted at “Open GEDCOM” stage.
• Web Pages (Web Export) – Bug fix: The content of the Web-page was incorrect for the partner. This fixed.
• Menu’s – Improvement: The grayed out menu item “Import GEDCOM File…” is removed, as this functionality is currently not implemented and seems to confuse people. Remark: MyBlood currently only has one file open at once. To open a GEDCOM file, you need to close the open file and use “Open GEDCOM File…” to “import” the GEDCOM.
• Translation Tool – Improvement: The TAB and Return keys are not used anymore to go to the next line in the list. Use the UP and DOWN keys on your keyboard to move up and down the list.
• Places – Improvement: Added a “Clear Coordinates” Button to clear the Latitude and Longitude of a Place that has wrong coordinates.

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