GeneaNet: Latest News From Your Network Of Family And Friends

Posted by admin on Jan 9, 2009

Your GeneaNet All Relatives home page now provides a snapshot view of the latest news from your network of family and friends.

Only those that are part of your contact network can view your news.

You can be notified when someone creates/update their Online Family Tree, uploads certificates, uploads records, uploads civil records, uploads postcards, uploads family pictures, uploads a file in GeneaStar, finds a famous relative in GeneaStar, adds a contact, updates their profile picture, updates their personal website url, subscribes to the GeneaNet Club Privilege, and updates their presentation.

You can also notify your contacts when you do one of these things.

GeneaNet All Relatives finds people within you network of contacts and suggests them as potential friends or relatives.

You can jump to their profile and online family trees, and send them an invitation to join your network.

Latest News From Your Network Of Family And Friends

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