GEDitCOM II 1.0b5

Posted by admin on Jan 12, 2009

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GEDitCOM II 1.0b5 has been released.


• GEDitCOM II is now a scriptable applications. There is a new Scripts menu with several sample scripts. The documentation explains how to write scripts, although it takes experience in Apple Script and GEDCOM to write them; anyone can use the ones in the menu.
• The index window, family tree outlines, and family tree charts can now display a “portrait” from the records. When viewing multimedia objects in the index window, add a portrait column give you a quick overview of all the multimedia objects in your file.
• Can select multiple records in the Index Window and preform various actions on them all (e.g. deleting, removing from an album, creating families with husband and wife or with several children, etc.). You can also drag multiple records to places that accept multiple records (e.g., albums, sources, etc.).
• When extracting GEDCOM data from a package, you can extract a subset GEDCOM file using the records in an album.
• The Search Panel can now be kept open and be behind other windows. Before it was a floating panel that stayed in the front. You can also select multiple records in the search hits.
• The family trees can be display in horizontal or vertical orientation and with generations aligned to the edge or centered on each generation.
• Several more drag and drop options were added such as dragging record from any browser window (click in background of the window outside any control), dragging from the search panel, and dropping a record on the source editor (to edit its source)
• The standard Find/Replace panel now works for all multi-line text editing fields (I thought is was working before, but maybe not; it is working now).
• The “chart” and “outline” views for family trees are now synchronized as you toggle back and forth between views expanding and contracting branches in either view.
• Some users were confused by the “Find Field” being disabled until a column was selected. To avoid this confusion a column is automatically sorted when a new list opens and thus the field is always available. In very large files, the automatic sorting is skipped (due to sort speed), but the field is left enabled. The first typing displays an alert explaining that a column should be selected first.
• The Open Recent submenu now only includes genealogy files. it previously added format files when change formats using the Open Formats submenu.
• When importing a GEDCOM file, index window clearly labels the file as “Untitled” until it is first saved as a GEDitCOM package.

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