Posted by admin on Jan 20, 2009

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• If in the Treeview Options dialog, Box Font tab, the symbol character Christian Cross (Alt+0134) from an Unicode font has been selected, the program froze and could only be exited by the task manager. This happened, because the code 0134 is valid only for Ansi and keyboard input, while the Unicode code is 8224. However, the dropdown lists for the symbols can show only characters up to code 255; the display of all Unicode characters would not be manageable. The bug has been corrected.
• At the Gedcom export of witnesses with the coding User-defined Tag with Names of Witnesses (Top left) a witness entry created once was also written into the following family records if for these records no real witnesses were available. The bug has been corrected.
• The progress indicator has been moved to the status bar of the main window and in some cases to dialogs. Now the status bar is shown permanently. The program option to hide the status bar has been removed.

• The dialogs of the Gedcom converter are always shown now; they cannot be turned off any more. The progress indicator was integrated into these dialogs. Now the conversion can be canceled at any time with the Cancel button or using the Esc key.
• Now background images can be brightened using a slider in the Treeview Options dialog, Graphic Content tab. Only the output is brightened, not the original image file.
• At the output of a single background image as a symbol, it is possible now to adjust the image by resizing or by cropping. The adjustment is performed in the Treeview Options dialog, Graphic Content tab. The remaining part of a cropped image can be selected by scrolling it with the mouse in the preview.
• Now the output of the reached age of deceased persons or the current age of living persons can be activated separately in the Treeview Options dialog, Box Content tab, Output Personal Data list. With that printouts can be made in which only the reached age of deceased persons is output, but not the current age of living persons, which will be wrong after a short period.
• At the assignment of a replacement color scheme now the three elements Text Color, Frame (Color or Image) and Background (Color or Image) can be assigned independently by each other. The elements not assigned here will not be replaced; they stay determined by the Main or Ancillary Color Scheme assigned automatically.
• A new program option switches on the output of the color scheme of person boxes in the hint window which is shown if the mouse points to a person box in the treeview.
• At the export of a crad index to a PDF file the head lines of continuation file cards now also mention the name.
• The toolbar got new symbols, the size of which can be adjusted now in three steps in the Program Options dialog, Toolbar tab. Disabled symbol buttons lose their color now, however, remain recognizable.
• The scaling according to the dpi value of the display covers the range from 96 dpi (100%) to 240 dpi (250%) now so that everything remains well recognizable also at monitors with an extreme high resolution.
• The program icon has been rebuild and the very large formats for Windows Vista are included now.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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