Brother’s Keeper 6.3.8

Posted by admin on Jan 20, 2009

Full Featured – Windows – Shareware

Brother’s Keeper 6.3.8 has been released.


• (changed) When creating a gedcom file, it will export names of .jpeg pictures in addition to .jpg
• (changed) When adding pictures, it will also show .jpeg files in the folder in addition to .jpg
• (fixed) Fixed problem on Edit where if you changed an individual event to a family event, it would sometimes not keep the event note or source.
• (new) On the book reports (Register, Indented, Ahnentafel) instead of just whole words for Born and Died or abbreviation, there is now an option for symbols. (This option will override the option in File, Options, RTF/Other about symbols.)
• (changed) On the Word Search, on the Event Search tab, it can search for a range between two dates just like on the person tab or the marriage tab. Enter year==year
• (changed) If the BKAUDIT.TXT file gets over 2 megs in size, the program will rename it and create a new one and continue.
• (fixed) The Unlinked Branches would sometimes miss people if a person at one time had parents, but later they were deleted.
• (changed) Quality Check can fix people that at one time had parents, but later the parents were deleted.
• (changed) On the Picture Summary, if you ask for Headings, it will display the headings on the screen and not just print them on paper.

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