Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.3

Posted by admin on Jan 23, 2009

Timeline – Mac – Purchase

Bee Docs’ Timeline 2.3 has been released.


• PDF export is now working properly in the German localization.
• “BC” dates are working properly in all of the international formats.
• The minus sign can now be used to indicate a BC date when eras are being used in any global date format. For example, a French customer may prefer to type “-50” instead of “50 av. J.-C.” (or 50 B.C.E.).
• For the 3D Edition, this release adds a new feature to Export menu. You can now export still image sequences in a variety of formats. These are similar to the event images used in the Keynote export, but now you can save them directly to disk. One image will be created for each event with a 3D perspective.
• Line quality for 3D exports improved.

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