Hillary Clinton And The King’s Daughters

Posted by admin on Dec 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton descends from three of the King’s Daughters, a group of Frenchwomen who immigrated to New France (now part of present-day Canada) between 1663 and 1673 under the monetary sponsorship of Louis XIV, to marry and start families in an attempt to further populate New France.

The article says:

Hillary descends from Catharine Paulo (m. Etienne Campeau), Madeleine Plouard/Polet/Plouart (m. Jacques Viau) and Madeleine Niel (m. Etienne Charles.)

Genealogists know the most about Madeleine Niel. Etienne, her husband, came to Quebec in 1665 with the famed Carignan Regiment. Its mission was to repel Iroquois Indians who raided settlements and killed inhabitants.

This couple settled at Boucherville near Montreal and raised 12 children. They survived devastating Indian raids on their village and lived into their 80s. Etienne and Madeleine left 111 grandchildren.

Hillary descends from the Viau couple’s daughter Marguerite, who married Jaques Pilet (1703-1765), settler at Detroit, then in Canada and now in the United States.


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