The Modern Software Experience’s GeneAwards 2008

Posted by admin on Dec 22, 2008

Tamura Jones has announced his GeneAwards 2008.

The GeneAwards highlight the best, the worst and special achievements of the year. There are also quite a few honourable and dishonourable mentions.

Some highlights:

RootsMagic 4 too late to qualify
Legacy Charting wins Best New Genealogy Product of 2008
Google Earth wins Best Genealogy Product of 2008
The Master Genealogist 7 is declared Worst Genealogy Product of 2008, FTM 2009 gets a dishonourable mention is Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2008
FamilySearch gets a dishonourable mention for continued neglect of the GEDCOM specification
MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 2.0 and DynasTree Home Edition both get a dishonourable mention for being a danger to your data
• Steven Morse get an honourable mention for his One Step Web Pages

Quick GeneAwards 2008 overview:

Best of 2008
• Best Genealogy Product of 2008: Google Earth
• Best New Genealogy Product of 2008: Legacy Charting
• Best Genealogy Organisation of 2008: Privacy International

Worst of 2008
• Worst Genealogy Product of 2008: The Master Genealogist 7
• Worst New Genealogy Product of 2008: Map My Ancestors 1.0
• Worst Genealogy Organisation of 2008:

Special Award
• Most Innovative Product of 2008: Relatives 1.0

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