GeneaNet ‘All Relatives’ Improved

Posted by admin on Jun 9, 2009

GeneaNet ‘All Relatives’ helps you sharing with family, relatives and friends. Many features have been improved.

Contacting Other Users

Anyone who has registered with Ancestry and the Ancestry Community can send or receive messages from other users as well as reply to messages if they are contacted.

When a GeneaNet user wants to add you to their address book, you will receive an email which contains a link that you need to click accept/refuse the request.


Your GeneaNet All Relatives home page provides a snapshot view of the latest news from your network of family and friends.

You can now select the categories to be displayed.

Sending Several Emails in a Batch

It can take a very long time to send the emails if you have many contacts.

You can now send an email to several persons at one time.

Topics Improved

The GeneaNet ‘All Relatives Topics’ feature helps you discuss and share on any topic with your contacts.

You can now easily choose to follow and to stop following any topic by clicking on “Topic Preferences”. This will open a pop-up window where you just have to select your option.

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