Brother’s Keeper 6.3.5

Posted by admin on Dec 19, 2008

Brother’s Keeper 6.3.5 has been released.


• (fixed) Reasonableness report. If father died before child was born, it was usually allowing 9 months extra time, however it sometimes did not allow 9 months if the death date of the father had a single digit day that did not have a space before it.
• (changed) Reasonableness report. There is a new option to have it ignore certain people. Press F1 for information while on that report.
• (new) New utility under File, Utilities, Global Event Sort. It can sort events by date or type of event. This is useful if you do a Gedcom Import and the events were not in the correct order.
• (fixed) The Picture Summary was not printing the heading for family pictures.

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