Second Site 2.2

Posted by admin on Nov 17, 2008

Second Site 2.2 has been released.


• Added the Map User Item for adding maps to a site, including support for the Google Maps, MapQuest, Virtual Earth, and Yahoo! Maps mapping services.
• Added Map Link options to the Place Index User Item.
• Added the Calendar User Item.
• Added the […] button to the Edit Picture window that opens a file dialog to select an image file, and changed the Picture User Item to allow Pictures to be stored in SubFolders of the Input (-i) folder.
• Added support for image maps to pictures added via the Picture User Item; add a “.map” file (as created by TMG Utility) to the same folder that holds the image file.
• Added the Use Frame Script property to the Default Layout section.
• Added the “Standard Centered” option to the Style.Menu choices.

• Added the Contented Themes, Contented1, Contendt4, and Contented5.
• Added the Group, Link URL and Link Text properties to the Index on Flag Values variant of the Custom Index User Item, and added the Index Groups property to the Format section; the Group properties provides a general-purpose grouping feature via Custom Indexes, and the Index Groups property controls where group membership appears in the person page entry of group members.
• Added the Page Set property to the SubPage User Item.
• Added support for relationship memos in parent relationship tags that appear in the Parent section of most Formats.
• Added the Sentence Strings.Paragraph Two Indent property to allow the user to control the text between the first and second paragraphs when using the Format.BMDB First option.
• Added the Top Margin property to the Edit Picture window to provide control over the top margin.
• Added the Page.Cite() and Page.CitationList() functions for advanced users who want to add citations to Custom Pages and SubPages.
• Added the [PageHRef:]id[:PageHRef] formatting code which is similar to [PageLink:]id;name[:PageLink].
• Added the [:PageHRef:] formatting code which is equivalent to [PageHRef:]currentPersonID[:PageHRef].
• Added the [:PageLink:] formatting code which is equivalent to [PageLink:]currentPersonID[:PageLink].


• Changed the HTML that is generated for the surname index to avoid a problem with IE8 Beta 2.
• Changed the preprocessing of Source Element data to avoid encoding the double-quote (“) character.
• Changed the preprocessing of Source Templates to treat a trailing period as optional.
• Changed citation handling for entries in the Children List and Parent Sections in all Formats; if the associated relationship tag has citations, the citation references will appear after the parent or child’s name unless there is a relationship memo, in which case the references will appear after the memo.
• When making a site Second Site attempts to delete the Output (-o) folder. If the Output folder (or any file in it) is in use, Second Site will not be able to delete the folder. As of this version, if Second Site can not delete the folder, it will attempt to delete all the files and subfolders in it. That method is slower, but avoids “permission denied” errors. If you want the fastest Make Site performance, make sure the Output folder and any files or folders in it are not in use by other applications when you choose the Make Site command.
• Changed the SDF XML file detection logic to support UTF files; if an SDF file is edited by a program that converts it to a UTF-8 file, SS will detect that and attempt to load the file.
• Changed the warning message for invalid SDF files to a more generic error message rather than assuming that the file is from SS1.
• Removed processing where Second Site was changing “.;” in sentence output to “;”.


• Fixed a problem where long surnames caused a sorting error in the Surname Index.
• Fixed the Bullets, Bullets Unlabelled, and Indented Formats to use a DIV element with the “clear:both” CSS parameter in place of a BR element; this complies with the CSS standard and avoids a formatting issue in IE8 Beta 2.
• Changed the “pupbutton” CSS class to correct a formatting issue in IE8 Beta 2.
• Changed the [A] (age) sentence variable such that it does not produce any output if the event occurs when the person is less than 1 year old; this change makes SS mimic the output produced by TMG for the [A] variable.
• Fixed a bug where names with excluded surnames were not displayed properly in bibliographic source template output.
• Fixed a bug where Second Site script statements in exhibit captions were not being processed when the caption appeared in an Exhibit Gallery.
• Fixed a bug where the Names.Ignore SortSurname and SortGiven property was not implemented for names in the Place Index.
• Fixed a bug where it was impossible to override the default layout.htm file via the UDFLayouts folder.
• Fixed a bug where certain Layouts did not work if executed on a PC where the Locale uses a comma as a decimal point; all Layout and Stylesheet scripts are now executed with the Locale set to EN-US (1033).
• Fixed a bug where the [RA:role] variable would not always work properly if there were multiple people assigned to the given role.
• Fixed an “Object variable or With block variable not set” error caused by putting User Items that are only valid on a SubPage, such as a Text or Picture User Item, at the top level of the User Item tree.

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