Second Site 2.2 build 6

Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2008

Second Site 2.2 build 6 has been released.


• Added the Show Label property to the Map User Item.
• Added the Show Label property to the Calendar User Item.
• Fixed a bug where latitude/longitude parameters were not created properly in Maps and Map Links for users in locales where a comma is used as the decimal point.
• Fixed a bug where the Place Format property of the Map User Item was not working properly • Fixed a problem where new CSS settings triggered a bug in IE6 and IE7 that disrupted the formatting of the Header section in certain Themes including nonzero – red and nonzero – brown; the same setting also caused difficulties with menubar formatting in certain Themes.
• Fixed a bug where setting the Name Option to “Full Name” in the Calendar User Item produced the same output as the “Name (Middle Initials)” setting.
• Fixed a bug in the Calendar User Item where “month events” (partial dates with a month but no day) did not appear in certain months.
• Fixed a bug where the Names.Ignore SortSurname and SortGiven property was not implemented for names in the Place Index.
• Fixed a bug where Second Site issued an error message when attempting to open an existing SDF file if the TMG project specified in the SDF file was invalid; now, the SDF file will open but with the Database not set.
• Fixed a bug where two ALT= parameters were being added to certain IMG tags; the duplication caused HTML validation errors though the images appear properly anyway.
• Changed the Puzzle Piece Theme to force the color of links in calendars to be the same color as the other text; this avoids a problem caused by the dark background of the calendar.
• Fixed a bug where SubPage descriptions would be set to the description of the last Custom Page, if any, that the SubPage contained.

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