iScrapbook 2.0

Posted by admin on Nov 25, 2008

iScrapbook 2.0 has been released.


• iScrapKit browser manages your artwork and makes it searchable.
• VIew pages side-by-side to see exactly how they appear in books.
• Two-page spreads for creating dramatic layouts.
• Share your memories with a full-screen animated slideshow.
• Dramatic speed improvements to loading pages, printing, and exporting.
• Export albums in TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.
• Trim To Page hides objects outside the page for a quick preview.
• Six shapes are ideal for cropping photos for use with photo corners.
• Hold down the space bar and drag the mouse to scroll the canvas.
• Multiple objects can be resized together without grouping.
• Paste and Match Style feature matches the style of text nearby.
• Added Duplicate Page, Duplicate Album, Delete Page and Delete Album menu commands.
• Added page selector popup control that shows the number of pages in an album and can instantly jump to a specific page number.
• Added minus buttons above page and album tables.

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