GeneaNet: ‘Friend’ And ‘Wizard’ Access Rights

Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2008

‘Wizard’ access rights allow to edit a GeneaNet online family tree (only in expert mode, i.e. GeneWeb). ‘Friend’ access rights allow to view private data in a GeneaNet online family tree.

When registering on GeneaNet, your password is automatically assigned to your ‘Friend’ and ‘Wizard’ accounts but they can be changed later.

Every GeneaNet user can create as many ‘Wizard’ and ‘Friend’ accounts as they want.


You can log in as ‘Wizard’ or ‘Friend’ from your online family tree sidebar…
…and from any individual page of your online family tree.

GeneaNet - les accès ami et magicienThen, you can log out by clicking the link on the top right of your online family tree homepage. You will not being logged out from your GeneaNet account!
GeneaNet - les accès ami et magicien CREATE ‘WIZARD’ AND ‘FRIEND’ ACCESS RIGHTS

‘Friend’ And ‘Wizard’ access rights can be created/modified/deleted only by the family tree owner.

GeneaNet - les accès ami et magicien
Select the ‘Online Family Tree > Manage > Access Rights” option.

GeneaNet - les accès ami et magicien
You can create as many access rights as you want.

Access rights are very useful for free collaborative family tree and private network for families to share.

GeneaNet - les accès ami et magicien

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