GeneaNet ‘All Relatives’: Manage Your Address Book

Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2008

Stay in touch with family, friends and relatives whith your GeneaNet address book named ‘All Relatives’.

‘All Relatives’ allows you to organise your address book, see if you have been added in a GeneaNet user address book and manage your authorizations, see your family and friends on Google Maps, manage your contact groups and use the color tool to spot them, write private notes.

You can access you address book from the “My GeneaNet” and “Community” menu items.

Enter the first letters of a surname to search for different spellings or enter a GeneaNet username to find out someone.

When adding someone in your address book, an automatic email will be send to them for confirmation.

GeneaNet - Tous Cousins
Address Book

Organize your address book by category (contact, relative, family), see if confirmation is pending.

By clicking on the “View” icon you can see the complete personal information of your contact and enter private notes in your notepad.

GeneaNet - Tous Cousins

See if you have been added in a GeneaNet user address book and manage your authorizations.

GeneaNet - Tous Cousins

See your family and friends on Google Maps.

Your contacts are shown on the map if they gave you the authorization. Note that addresses must strictly fit to the Google Maps address database.

GeneaNet - Tous Cousins

Manage and organize your contact groups: add, modify and remove a group, and select a color to identify a group.

GeneaNet - Tous Cousins

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