Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2008

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• If text was entered in the Occupation, Note and Sources data fields in the Personal Data of a Group dialog, every word was in a new line. The bug has been corrected.
• In the Create Relatives Tree dialog the max. number of generations for searching for ancestors of the primary person could be adjusted only to 50. However, the program can process up to 60 generations. The bug has been corrected.
• While creating a Free Geo Object Background in ancestor trees with siblings these siblings have not been included in the background contour. The bug has been corrected.
• On file cards, which contain only the records of the currently shown treeview, the protection of data privacy was not taken into account correctly under certain conditions. The bug has been corrected.
• In person boxes and on file cards the marriage data were output at person-based protection of data privacy if the protection of data privacy of the person in question permitted this. The protection of data privacy of the spouse was not taken into account although the same marriage data also applied to her or him. The bug has been corrected.

• Till now, the generation orientation into treeviews was fixed as follows: The oldest generation is at the top, the youngest at the bottom. This representation is realized intuitively and quickly because the progress proceeds from the top on the left to the bottom on the right; we are familiarized to this from the western writing and reading. On request of some users the reversed orientation is made possible now, too: The oldest generation is at the bottom, the youngest at the top. The selection is performed in the Treeview Options dialog, Graphic content tab, Tree Structure, Orientation and Relatives list. This orientation is not a general Program Option but can be chosen for any single treeview separately; it is saved also in the treeview files *.trv. The orientation is adjusted separately for ancestor trees and descendant trees; so it can also be saved as different default settings for new treeviews.
• The Automatic Width/Height function has been rebuild from scratch. Till now it could only adjust the width/height ratio of the graphic. Now it can adjust also an absolute width or an absolute height. With an additional option the precision can be improved considerably though at lower speed. The settings can be found in Treeview Options, new Automatic Width/Height tab. There is a new section in the manual to the new tab which in detail represents everything; it also explains in which cases the adjustment of an absolute width or an absolute height makes sense.
• An Export Post-processor can be used in the Gedcom Options now. The function is essentially like that one of the Import Pre-processor, though the changes are performed at the exported Gedcom file. The manual includes the new section Export Post-processor at the Gedcom Options.
• The maximum number of partnerships per person has been increased from 20 to 25.
• At the output of duplicate cross-references to absolute column and row numbers the row number prefix row is used normally. If column and row numbers for the graphic has been created, and if thereby a prefix for row numbers is specified, now this prefix will be used for the duplicate cross-references.
• Now at the creation of column and row numbers a warning message is displayed if the row number system and/or the row number offset does not match the settings for duplicate cross-references in person boxes (Treeview Options, Box Content tab, Out Personal Data list). In the message dialog you can decide to adapt one system to the other.
• On file cards now it can be determined by the new option Birth/baptism and death/burial data of relatives that behind the names of relatives these data are output. The adjusted protection of data privacy is taken into account.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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