PathWiz! 8

Posted by admin on Oct 8, 2008

PathWiz! 8 has been released.

New Features:

• Automatic screen size adjustment to give a ‘as big as possible’ frame for the ‘Filter’ screens available under [View/Modify] plus a [Screen] button to allow a shorter screen for use on widescreen monitors or on a flat panel TV.
• An ‘Advanced’ mode with 3 options: – 1. The ability to output to disk files both Internal Exhibits, and External exhibits to reduced size ‘skinny’ files (a la Thumbnails) stored in the exhibits table. These are saved as files with the exhibit number in a single folder of your choice.
– 2. The ability to ‘swap’ between the normal exhibits and these ‘skinny’ files. This is of interest to VCF users who find the use of ‘normal size’ exhibits in a large project may cause VCF to stop printing. They would also be useful in other applications such as WebPages. Internal exhibits can also be written to the same folder.
– 3. An alternative indexing option using an internal routine ( cleaner solution to the need to reindex) but this may not work on all machines particularly Vista.
• Use of TMG V7 paths in place of those used in TMG V6.


• List images unused in the exhibit log from a folder or path and move the unused elsewhere • Windows Image details [EXIF] now able to be viewed and stored in the TMG exhibits file. Annotate your files with permanent Title etc and import into, say, Caption. Image details from a camera can be imported into the Description field for later viewing. See here.
• Each Internal exhibit or stored thumbnail can be written to a file.
• Exhibits can be searched for by a name string either on a whole drive or on a path from a selected folder. ( System folders are ignored) in [V/M] browses via Fname1 field click.
• Full Exif values from the camera can be viewed or stored.
• Images can be ‘enhanced’ without the need of an external editor.
• TMG Flags can be used when isolating types of exhibits via the Filter screen.
• Filters for a particular Tag Type can be selected (Remember Catalogues can be created for each filter used – No need for a complete catalogue if not required for particular editing requirements.).
• PathWiz! will go directly to an exhibit file once a Project folder is selected if only one project is available in that folder. (No need to click the [Go] button).
• A group of letters within an exhibit file path can be exchanged – i.e. C:myexhibitsharry can be changed to C:[mynewexhibits]harry.
• Mailout – An email with a MSWord Report attached can be sent to any group of TMG persons using an appropriately modified Address Tag. Option available on report setup screen.
• Works with Windows XP and Vista . See here for ‘footprint’.

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