MacFamilyTree 5.3

Posted by admin on Oct 20, 2008

MacFamilyTree 5.3 has been released.


• New WebKit-based Reports can be saved and are individually customizable for enhanced screen and print output.
• Rewritten Kinship Report for reliable representation of complex relationships.
• Improved Family Assistant: better visibility, partnerships with or without marriage, biological or adopted children, generation-dependent coloring of person icons.
• New Family and Person Bookmarks to keep track of current research; Bookmarks can also be used for enhanced navigation in the Virtual Tree.
• New interactive Events list for the Virtual Globe.
• Improved Desendant Chart for better visibility and printed output.
• Much improved Search for persons and places in your family tree.
• Improved quick navigation labels precisely define the context in which you are currently working or browsing.
• Better handling of date format inconsistencies and individual notations for incomplete date entries and/or modifiers.
• More reliable workflow for coordinates lookup.
• Improved GEDCOM import and export for better compatibility with other genealogy applications.
• Huge pictures can now optionally be downscaled on import.
• Improved print and screen representation at high zoom ratios; i.e. when zooming far out to view a big chart in its entirety, quality and visibility of small detail is now much better.
• Improved integration with Apple’s MobileMe and our own internet services.
• Further improved user interface, performance and stability.
• New Picture Synchronization with MobileFamilyTree 1.3: MobileFamilyTree is a separate and optional companion product, available for iPhone and iPod touch from the Apple App Store.

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