Google Your Family Tree

Posted by admin on Oct 13, 2008

Did you realize the most powerful tool for your genealogy research is completely free?

Google is available in more than 160 countries and is free to use — for genealogy or anything else you may be trying to find! Use Google to your full advantage.

• Find published works containing information on your ancestors
• Uncover intriguing family photographs and possibly video
• Search historic newspaper archives for long-forgotten details
• Visit your ancestral home towns as often as you like

Only a long-time genealogist and technology expert could have acomplished what author Dan Lynch did within this text. He disects more than one hundred powerful commands and features of Google, but maintains a focus on how they can be used specifically to conduct family history research. Special tips for finding people, places, and even filters for searching through different time periods.

The Google Your Family Tree book has it all.

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How can I access my Geneanet Family Tree on Google. When I search for family memebers on Google it does not reference to my Family Tree?

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