FamilyInsight 2008.10.14.0 beta

Posted by admin on Oct 17, 2008

FamilyInsight 2008.10.14.0 beta has been released.


• Added the option to save GEDCOM files in an extended format that preserved more FamilySearch data than possible with a PAF 5 compliant GEDCOM.
• Added the option to store the FamilySearch Id in either the Custom Id field of PAF or as was done previously, in a custom attribute.
• Fixed problem with the Last Changed date being updated for all individuals in a PAF file, regardless of whether or not they were modified.
• In FamilySearch Sync mode after synchronizing a person, the details display was not updating even though the correct changes had happened.
• In IGI Search mode, the death date was also being used in searches by birth date.
• Help now has a working table of contents and index.
• Fixed crash when merging.
• Fixed crash on some computers when first selecting a person (all modes).
• Fixed problem with missing dlls when running on Windows 2000.
• Fixed problem adding notes to marriages.
• In FamilySearch Sync mode, when you marked a result as a match, you could not change it to not a match until the search completed. You can now change it during the search.

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