Ezitree 10.72

Posted by admin on Oct 24, 2008

Ezitree 10.72 has been released.

New Features:

• Added spouse names to marriage, etc, events in Change list.
• Under Page Setup added option to keep header and footer fonts in sync for charts and family tree book.
• Added option in charts option to select other than current person to output and save list of last 25 primary persons used in charts.
• Added option to select portion of compilers details for chart footer (not just all details).
• Improved record number format in family tree book charts.
• Added new option to change the record number of one person.
• Added option in narrative ancestors to include memos, notes and home addresses.
• Added ‘Select All’ and ‘Unselect All’ buttons to GEDCOM duplicates list.
• Many improvements to biography sentence structures.
• Added option to view Ezitree data records from GEDCOM analysis windows.
• Added option to selected ‘unmatched’ GEDCOM records.
• Added option to include spouse’s parents in GEDCOM export file.
• New option to import the descendants of a person from a GEDCOM file and select the number of generations to import.
• Option to view the descendants of a person in a GEDCOM file.


• GEDCOM import single record where family tag has a source.
• Delete of multiple marriage event unlinked all spouses and children.
• Improved setting of ‘Save’ button in event update.
• Fixed double click of GEDCOM duplicate record not selected that record to bypass.
• Fixed a renumbering issue and several out of range problems.
• Improved handling of private records.
• Fixed renumbering problem when no book has been created.
• Fixed border distortion and loss of title in Vista Aero in several windows.
• Fixed data input problem when adding spouse’s parents.
• Fixed some button unavailable after selection ‘Previous Records’ from menu.
• Improved backups.
• Fixed audio files not working.
• Stopped error when a second copy of Ezitree is started from desktop.
• Prevented duplicate sources appearing on charts.
• Fixed selective Gedcom import losing data where marriage sources are present.

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