The National Archives of the United Kingdom launches innovative new website on World War Two

Posted by admin on Sep 15, 2008

In its tenth year, Learning Curve, The National Archives award-winning education website has launched ‘World War II‘, an innovative, interactive site for Key Stage 3 & 4 History students and anyone with an interest in the Second World War.

You can learn about the plan by British Intelligence agencies to produce the Himmler stamp to make the Germans think that Heinrich Himmler was trying to overthrow Adolf Hitler. Students can study the advice given about disguise from the special training programme used at the training schools for British agents. You can also discover the truth about ´Operation Mincemeat´ and actually hear from some of the people there at the time. 
Supporting the National Curriculum’s requirements that history students use archives and museums as well as technology in their studies, ‘World War II’ features the six theatres of war and within each a number of investigations, making up twenty in all. It features a range of sources from The National Archives that only a few researchers have ever seen, for example a personal and confidential telegram from Stalin to Churchill, never previously published online. History was never so much more fun or inspiring.

Source: The National Archives

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