Seychelles National Archives Launch Family Tree Project

Posted by admin on Sep 11, 2008

The Seychelles National Archives (SNA) in collaboration with the department of Community Development is launching a two-year project which will allow Seychellois to discover their roots and trace their ancestors through the Family Tree Project (FTP).

The purpose of the two-year project is also to sensitise the population on the importance to know one’s family history. Forecasts indicate that most people will have their family tree by 2010.

An exhibition is presently being held at the SNA on the genealogy of Seychellois families in a bid to set the ball rolling.

The Galaxy Computer Services of Victoria donated a new computer to the Seychelles National Archives. The equipment will help the organisation further carry out its research work.

Source: African Press Agency

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I am looking at obtaining details about my family. I left Seychelles quite young and don’t have much information,, My father’s name is GILBERT ANGE MEIN

Also, Would you be kind enough to let me know this, Where can i obtain a copy of my original babtisms cirtificate ..

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